Tom Chase is one of my favourite Porn Actors and stars in my favourite film to date: “Open House” with Erik Korngold for Colt Studio Group.

Tom, born March 6th 1965, started porn in the 90’s and continued to work until recent years wetting the tips of viewers around the globe.

This burly daddy exudes firm tenderness with a friendly smile and a thick greasy cock. He is muscled but not overly ripped suggesting that he could cuddle you for hours after a good sweaty pounding.

Quite simply Tom Chase is the cutest, smuttiest thing to ever grace the earth. Never has a smile been so innocent and so dirty at the same time. His love for intelligence clearly comes across in interviews instantly sparking my arousal and smashes the pre-misconception that porn stars are just walking, fucking, muscles and cock.

Please enjoy these images as much as I do.

Tissues at the ready…

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