Last night I took my mum, (who wanted to see some east london culture), to Scottee’s poetry night “Fraff” @The Rich Mix in Shoreditch.

With a lineup of names such as Ginger Johnson, Lorraine Bowen and THE Jacqui Potato it would be hard not to have a good show and I was certainly not disappointed.

Curated by the beautifully sarcastic campness that is Scottee, “Fraff” gave performers a few minutes each to utter some nonsense and also some more thought provoking commentaries.

Ginger Johnson opened the proceedings with a pant-wetting ditty titled, “Welcome to Newcastle” which vastly tickled my mum and set the tone for the rest of the night.

Following this, performances by the super cutesy Rhiannon Faith, who lay on the ground and got an audience member to hump her while reciting “Scary Shag” in a fluffy pink helmet; and a brilliantly odd Isabel Tennyson kept the evening consistently fun and fresh.

Then came time for the Best Shittiest Poem competition in which I felt the compulsion to contribute my short poem, “Dicks” which I had conceived in about 7 seconds, “Dicks” later went on to win best shittiest poem and I will be posting it very soon.

Next came the enigma that is Jacqui Potato. Jacqui came out looking super high fash-un in her copy of the “Swan Dress” that Bjork wore to the 73rd Academy Awards in 2001. She then went on to read a letter of complaint to the BBC which she had “quickly nicked” from her friend Harriet in Brixton. Jacqui’s posh girl vocal impersonation certainly made her virgin poetry performance something that audience members will have obscure dreams about for weeks to come.

A personal favourite of mine, Lorraine Bowen, gifted us with her best Grim Reaper impression only to follow it with a contrasting, super saucy, “Nigella-esque”, spoken word version of her hit song “Crumble”. This had the room creasing and thoroughly satisfied my lol-ometer!

To close the show, Ginger Johnson came back with a wonderful piece about Blue Peter’s fit-as-fuck ex presenter Matt Baker leaving us all hot under the collar.

Overall the night contained a lot of laugh but amongst the jokes were some truly touching and strong messages. One particular poem, read by Scottee himself, really hit home and showed an unexpected vulnerability outlining the feelings aroused from daily homophobic and fat-ist slurs. I believe this kind of message needs to be heard and shows that poetry, even if branded for drunks and dyslexics, can be a prolific channel to communicate the need for political and social change.

For this thank Scottee and gang, for giving me an evening of humour and heart and I thoroughly look forward to the next one.

– written by Ted Rogers “Artpornblog”.

Find out more about Scottee and future events at or

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